Lets get baking!

Join your friends and colleagues and raise money to provide free legal advice to:

  • families living in terrible housing conditions
  • people who have been unfairly dismissed or who are discriminated against at work
  • elderly people who need support to stay living independently
  • women and children who have been trafficked to the UK to become domestic or sex slaves 
  • people who are working for less than minimum wage
  • people who suffer disability or illness and their carers

Free legal advice makes a huge different to their lives

To sign up, please visit the Access to Justice Foundation website. You will be asked who you are raising money for and can select the Law Centre as your favourite legal advice charity (we will then get 50% of what you fundraise) or choose to fundraise for your local legal trust. You can also download all of the materials you will need to support your Great Legal Bake. 

Thank you for your support.