The MAC Project focused on the legal rights of pregnant women and young mothers who are or have been in the care system.

Those who have been in the care system are 66 times more likely than non care-experienced peers to have their children taken into care. We believe with the right support at the right time care-experienced mothers can parent their own children.
Over the last 2 years we have been delivering work to increase advocates’ knowledge of the legal rights of care-experienced mothers, build a network of Community Care and Public Law lawyers to represent care-experienced mothers to pursue their rights and building an alliance of experts to help us understand what the ‘right support’ might look like.

Join us as we explore:

  • What happens when lawyers work more closely with advocates and share their knowledge of the law?
  • How does increased legal literacy impact on advocates’ work with vulnerable care –experienced women?
  • How can lawyers’ casework be informed by advocates and care-experienced women?
  • Does this way of working make a difference?

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