You are not able to insist on being furloughed. It is a decision that has to be made by the employer, but they must have your agreement before placing you on furlough and you must be an eligible employee. In order to be eligible, the Government has set a new cut-off date of 19 March 2020 (previously 28 February). This means that you must have been on your current employer’s payroll on or before 19 March 2020. This may cause problems for anyone who started a new job after 19 March 2020 and who has been furloughed by their new employer or who have been told that they cannot start their new job. In some circumstances you may be able to speak to your previous employer and ask them to ‘re-hire’ you and then put you on furlough. The Government has said in those circumstances the employer can make a claim through the scheme. Currently the Government has said that it is not making any changes to the scheme. In these circumstances you may be able to claim benefits, such as universal credit. Whether you can claim benefits depends upon your personal circumstances and your income and savings, so it is important that you get advice if this situation applies to you.

Your employer should seek your agreement and confirm that you have been designated and you should also confirm your agreement in writing.