Yes, you can apply via the EUSS app but there are likely to be delays in processing your application due to the current situation.

After you submit your application the Home Office should issue a Certificate of Application (CAO) which states your rights and with this certificate you can prove that you submitted your application and it is being processed.

Under normal circumstances you could send your identification document to the Settlement Resolution Centre (SRC) to confirm your identity or prove your residency, since Covid-19 restrictions were put in place you can now only do this if the Home Office ask you to do so.

Alternatively, under normal circumstances you could scan your documents at allocated scanning centres. The scanning centres that you used to be able to take your documents are currently closed. This means that if you are unable to prove your identity by scanning your documents using the EUSS app then you will need to contact the Home Office online using their contact form to request a paper form so that you can apply by post.

You can complete your settlement status application via the EUSS app. The app is called EU Exit: ID document check app. You can download this App for free. It is available on android and Apple phones (Apple phone 8) as well.