Any EEA (EU) national, and their family members, who were living in the UK before 31 December 2020 have the following rights:

  • Right to remain in the UK for an initial period of three months
  • Right to work Right to study (enrol into training, enrol into a course of study or continue to study)
  • Right to travel in and out of the UK
  • Right to use the NHS.

However, after three months of initial residence the above rights end if you do not start to “exercise your treaty rights”. Exercising treaty rights means:

  • You are a jobseeker (normally for a maximum period of three months)
  • You work as an employee of someone else, or;
  • You carry out work as a self–employed person, or;
  • You are a self-sufficient person, meaning you have enough money to support yourself without working or claiming benefits, or;
  • You are a student with comprehensive sickness insurance

Also, in certain circumstances EU nationals can continue to have rights of residence in the UK upon ceasing work or self-employment in the UK due to retirement or permanent incapacity.