Through our RIPPLE Project, we are providing free public legal education about Health & Social Care Law issues to organisations who work with or support disabled and vulnerable people in the community and carers. We want to help frontline staff understand the substantial changes to the Care Act brought about by the recent emergency legislation (The Coronavirus Act 2020). 
We are producing free webinars, training materials and information leaflets about the changes, aimed at advocates and support workers.

WATCH NOW: 90 minute webinar on the changes to Social Care law for adults due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 


Do you have a specific question about someone you are working with? Join our COVID Question Clinics.

During the school holidays and annual leave we are unable to run our COVID Question Clinics 3 times per week as usual. Clinics will be running on the following dates:

Monday 3 August, Monday 10th August, Wednesday 12th August, Monday 24th August and Wednesday 26th August from 13:30-14:15.

The zoom log in details for the COVID Question Clinics are: 

Meeting ID: 750 463 8376.

Password: 140115.

The meetings are a forum for us to try to answer any health and social care legal questions advocates and disability rights workers might have, and for issues to be raised and ideas to be exchanged.