A large proportion of our debt advice service is delivered in partnership with and funded by Whitefriars Housing, the largest provider of social housing in Coventry. We help around 250 of their customers each year, where their debts have reached a stage that their tenancy is threatened.

In some cases people’s debt problems arise from changes in their lives beyond their control: sickness, bereavement etc. Sometimes they're affected by decisions made by statutory providers (e.g. DWP) about entitlement to certain benefits.

Increasingly, we're seeing clients who are living in structural poverty: their income simply is inadequate to cover basic living expenses and so they're in a cycle of debt. Universal Credit will bring further budgeting problems for people. Housing costs will be paid direct to tenants, so it seems likely that rent arrears will increase and possession actions will increase.

Our assistance draws on all of the expertise within the law centre, including specialist housing and welfare benefits advice to tackle the root cause of people’s debts and to put in place sustainable solutions to their financial problems that will enable them to pay their rent and essential services and manage their money on ongoing basis.