If you are struggling with paying your rent during this crisis, please see our information on Benefits Advice and Financial Support.

The Government announced temporary measures to protect tenants during COVID-19. This means that any legal  action to evict you from your home is currently suspended. 

All court action for eviction is on hold until at least 23 August 2020 due to Coronavirus

You should stay in your home even if you have already had notice or your landlord applied to court before the outbreak.

During this time new eviction rules mean that:

  • Bailiffs will not evict you
  • Landlords cannot get an eviction order

What if I had notice from my landlord before 26 March?

Your notice may still be valid. But your landlord will not be able to get an eviction order while the court eviction process is on hold. You do not have to leave when the notice ends. Your tenancy continues if you stay in your home. If you have been issued with a notice due to falling into rent arrears, please contact our helpline on 07957 711080 or 07496 881145 (calls, texts and WhatsApp). We will be able to discuss your options and assist you in keeping your home.

Can my landlord give me notice during lockdown?

Your landlord can give you notice but they can not make you leave. From 26 March 2020, you are entitled to at least a 3 month notice period if you are a:  

  • Council or housing association tenant
  • Private renter who gets a section 21 or section 8 notice

The 3 month notice period does not apply to lodgers and some people in temporary housing.

What if my landlord pressures me to leave?

You can and should stay in your home. It is illegal for your landlord to:

  • Harass you
  • Lock you out of your home, even temporarily
  • Make you leave without notice or a court order

Do I still need to maintain rental payments?

Even though landlords cannot evict you at the moment it is still very important that you try and maintain your rental payments, even if you cannot meet your full rent. Many of the issues you may be facing can be resolved, and in many cases without going to Court.

Can I get specific help for rent arrears?

You might be able to get a Discretionary Housing Payment if you are getting Housing Benefit, or Universal Credit with an award for rent costs. Our helpline will help you.

Can I get help with other expenses?

If you are struggling to pay your rent, its important to get help with other payments to make your money go further. For any help with the following please contact our helpline:

  • Council Tax: You might get a discount on your payments if you are single or disabled.
  • Council Tax Support: Apply online, it is a benefit that reduces your bill. For help with Council Tax Arrears call (02476 831111) or email [email protected]
  • Gas/Electric: Self isolating and/or struggling to top up gas and electric cards/prepayment meters? There is help available.
  • Water Arrears: Financial help at Severn Trent Trust Fund 0121 355 7766, or email [email protected] .
  • Community Support Grants: Call 02476833773 or email [email protected] to see if you can get a grant.
  • Charities give grants: To individuals, to help with things such as furniture, decorating, clothing, or  regular amounts to help cover bills and household expenses. Contact us for help to apply.