We are the largest Law Centre in the UK. We provide specialist legal advice to people across Central England.

We want to live in a society where people’s rights are upheld, their needs met and they are enabled to thrive.

What we do

We provide free specialist legal advice to those most in need and use legal processes to fight social exclusion.  We advocate for people, challenge unfair decisions, take cases to the highest courts and work in partnerships with other support services.

As well as helping people move from crisis to stability, we deliver services that help people anticipate problems by acting early and tackling the root cause.

 “I thought there was no way out ....until you took on my problem, and now I have got my life back on track.”

How we do it

Provide free specialist legal advice and representation in Birmingham and Coventry to people who cannot afford to pay for it in the following areas of social welfare law:

  • Social Care and Health
  • Welfare Benefits
  • Housing
  • Public Law
  • Immigration and Asylum
  • Employment
  • Family

Make our services easily accessible to those who need them most - in person, by phone, in people’s homes and online.

Increase people's knowledge of legal rights and build confidence and ability to manage day to day issues that have a legal solution.

Support other organisations that work with vulnerable people,  by providing advice, information and training to their staff and volunteers, blending our work with theirs so that together we can offer more holistic support to people.

We work to create a more equal society by changing the law and influencing policy at a local and national level providing a voice for those who are seldom heard and using legal practice to change the law by pursuing cases that have a wider public interest. We work inside public sector services to help find new, more effective ways to deliver them that uphold people’s rights.

Our guiding values

These are the values and principles that guide us and ensure we never lose sight of what we are trying to achieve:

  • We provide specialist, high quality legal advice that is free
  • Clients are treated with honesty and respect
  • We are independent and politically neutral
  • We build confidence and legal capability that helps people act early to tackle their problems
  • Working in partnerships will further our aims and complement our skills
  • We are evidence driven and impact focused
  • We innovate to meet changing needs and emerging problems
  • We are a team - we use all of our expertise and skills together to get the best outcome for our clients