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“When I first contacted you it was like someone turned on a light for me

Every day we help people in Coventry and Birmingham to know their legal rights and have them upheld. We change their lives and change society to make it fairer for all.

Getting your disability related welfare benefits reinstated, clearing your debts so you can start again, staying in your home when you have been threatened with eviction. Securing leave to remain in the UK for you and your family. Getting a non-molestation order to protect you from your violent partner, having your voice heard in care proceedings so that your child will be placed within your family and getting the right care package for your disabled child.

This is the power of legal advice and representation. In partnership, our work increases early action, prevents homelesness, gives people a voice, empowers women and helps tackle poverty.


‘Best Firm or Not for Profit’ at the Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Awards 2016.

Coventry Community Cohesion Award 2016

In 2016 we celebrated 40 years of operation, read about our achievements here.

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