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If you think you are experiencing domestic violence or abuse, Safeplace help you understand your rights and explain clearly the choices and options you have. We can help with all the legal issues (excluding criminal issues) created by domestic violence and abuse.

You may also want to take action on and get help with other practical, social and emotional aspects. There are lots of excellent local groups and national organisations that offer specialist help, advice and support.

In Coventry, your first port of call should be Safe to Talk Coventry City Council's domestic abuse website, or you can call their helpline 0800 111 4998 which is open 08.30am - 5pm Monday to Friday and 10.00 - 1.00pm Saturday and Sunday. 

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What is domestic violence and abuse?

Domestic violence and abuse take many forms. They can affect anyone in any sort of relationship. Sometimes, people experiencing these problems don’t realise or recognise they’re happening, but they always have serious and lasting effects on those who suffer from them.

You may ask yourself “am I being abused?”

 Violence and abuse can be:

  • psychological
  • physical
  • sexual
  • financial
  • emotional.

Controlling and coercive behaviour that threatens, humiliates, intimidates, isolates or frightens people are also types of domestic abuse.

Common signs of domestic violence also include:

  • verbal criticism and abuse
  • pressure tactics
  • disrespect
  • breaking trust
  • harassment
  • denial
  • saying it won’t happen again.

Many sorts of domestic violence are crimes (for example, harassment, assault, criminal damage, attempted murder, rape and false imprisonment).

How we can help?

Whether you want to improve your situation at home or if you’re thinking about leaving our free legal advice can help you to tackle domestic violence or abuse and get to a safer place in your life.

We provide free and confidential legal advice, in a safe and secure environment at our office or somewhere else that’s safe for you.

If you are working with people who have learning disabilities we have developed some resources to support you.