Campaign to prevent eviction during the Covid-19 pandemic

In response to the lifting of the eviction ban in the UK we have activated a collaboration of organisations to help people who are threatened with eviction due to financial problems since emerging from lockdown.

We have designed a 'How to help' practice guide for frontline workers to support people who are worried about money and a leaflet designed to help people directly, entitled 'Are you worried about money?'.  Both of these resources have been designed with the goal of providing early help and preventing eviction.

We know that many people who are struggling to pay their rent find it difficult to engage with support that starts with discussions about the money they owe or the debt they are in. However, talking to someone who is struggling with money helps them to tell us the important parts of their story quickly and more easily.

Our 'How to help' practice guide (link below) suggests:

  1. A way to approach somebody who is worried about money, exploring each of the possible situations
  2. Some helpful info to help you understand how this might cause a person to struggle with their rent payments
  3. Some things you might ask, check and do immediately

How to Help practice guide for frontline workers

The 'Are you worried about money?' leaflet (link below) highlights some of the areas and issues in a person's life that they might be struggling with, such as universal credit; food & fuel; council tax; rent; health & wellbeing and provides the contact details for our Rights in the Community team at the law centre who will be able to provide the help and support they need.

'Are you worried about money?' leaflet