The Syrian Vulnerable People's Resettlement Scheme is designed to provide assistance to Syrians who have fled to neighbouring countries as a result of the current crisis and who are particularly vulnerable.

Coventry joined the scheme in July 2014, and since then we have become one of the leading cities in the UK for the resettlement of refugees. As of 4 April 2018, 381 Syrian refugees have been welcomed into the city under this scheme.

Coventry City Council leads a partnership of organisations throughout the city. We partner with Coventry Citizens Advice and Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre, to deliver this programme.

We provide specialist legal advice and work to build legal capability of families arriving in Coventry. We provide information sessions to all newly arrived families on their rights in the UK and conduct 3 and 9 month post arrival legal health checks to ensure families are in a stable situation to support their integration into life in Coventry after their initial period of support.