Central England Law Centre appoints new chief executive

Central England Law Centre appoints Elayne Hill as chief executive officer to lead the law centre through a two-year development period focused on rolling out its rights in the community strategy. Read more

"Reform the Norm" project to amplify underrepresented voices as part of City of Culture

The programme, which includes "The Story of Us" performance led by Jude Habib of Sound Delivery, will roll out events throughout the year. Read more

Head of Central England Law Centre to represent the city's "Social Justice Energy" at Coventry Moves event

Central England Law Centre will play a monumental part in the rollout of events from 5th June, representing the "Social Justice Energy". Read more

Sanctions are being used as a punishment against vulnerable people: My Wigan Pier Story

In 1937, Orwell's book about poverty in Northern England shocked the country. In 2017 and 2018 the Daily Mirror retraced his route. On the way they stopped in Coventry and spoke to our Director about how our clients are being punished with sanctions and of her fears Universal Credit will push people further into poverty. Read more