What help can we offer you?

We provide limited general welfare benefits advice at our community clinics, this is mostly one off advice to help you resolve your issue. See below to find out how you can access this service.

If you have had your benefits appeal hearing at the First-tier Tribunal and you think the judge got the decision wrong, then you may be eligible for legal aid for us to help you appeal to the Upper Tribunal. You will need to show that there has been an error of law in the tribunal’s decision.

You may be struggling to show that you are entitled, have been overpaid in the past or cannot prove that you have a right to reside in the UK. We will listen to you and help you to explain your situation to the tribunal as well as identify where errors in law have been made.

After your first tier appeal hearing decision you will need to take the following steps which we can support you with:

Stage 1: Ask for a statement of reasons

Stage 2: Ask the First-tier Tribunal for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal

Stage 3: If permission is refused, apply directly to the Upper Tribunal for permission,
if permission is granted, appeal to the Upper Tribunal.

How can you access this service?

Appeal to the Upper Tribunal

For stage 1 & 2 you can contact our reception on 0121 227 6540 for template letters or download them below.

For stage 3 of the process please visit our office or call for an appointment.

General welfare benefits

As we are no longer operating face-to-face due to COVID-19, for general welfare benefits advice you can contact us via telephone on 01212276540 or by completing this online form.

Advice clinics at SIFA Fireside and Hodge Hill Hub can be accessed through these organisations only.

Other sources of help and information

GBAS - Gateway to Birmingham Advice Services.

Service Directory to help you find the right advice, information or support organisation for your needs.

Downloadable resources

Pro forma letter to First-tier Trbunal applying for permission to appeal to the upper tribunal

Pro forma letter to First-tier Tribunal to request statement of reasons