Central England Law Centre Ltd is committed to ensuring that fundraising activities are carried out in an ethical manner. The purpose of this document is to identify our position on fundraising practice and to document the standards expected in raising funds from the community.


Central England Law Centre Ltd’s guiding fundraising principles are:

  • Fundraising activities carried out by Central England Law Centre Ltd will comply with all relevant laws.
  • Any communications to the public made in the course of carrying out a fundraising activity shall be truthful and non-deceptive.
  • All monies raised via fundraising activities will be used to support the organisation’s stated mission and purpose.
  • All personal information collected by Central England Law Centre Ltd is confidential. We will not sell, give away or disclose personal information to any third party without explicit consent.
  • Nobody directly or indirectly employed by or volunteering for Central England Law Centre Ltd shall accept commissions, bonuses or payments for fundraising activities on behalf of the organisation.
  • No general solicitations shall be undertaken by telephone or door-to-door.
  • Fundraising activities should not be undertaken if they may be detrimental to the good name or community standing of Central England Law Centre Ltd.
  • Financial contributions will only be accepted from sources the Board considers ethical. Companies and organisations specifically excluded from making financial contributions to Central England Law Centre Ltd include gambling, tobacco and alcohol companies.

How your data is managed

Donations can be made through our website (both one-off and recurring donations). Details of the donor are received by the Central England Law Centre Ltd, however this does not include any bank details. Any donations are collected by an external organisation working with our website provider on our behalf, and the funds are then transferred to our account subject to a small fee.

Fundraising pages can also be set up by individuals for sponsored activities. Donations are again collected by external agencies and the Law Centre will only have access to donor name and address.

Easyfundraising and online shopping

Easyfundraising is a website that can be used by shoppers to donate to the Central England Law Centre Ltd, at no additional cost to them. Companies listed on Easyfundraising donate a percentage of the shopper's sale to the Law Centre.

Gift Aid

Donating through Gift Aid means the Central England Law Centre Ltd can claim an extra 25p for every pound given, as long as a Gift Aid declaration has been received from the donor. This is claimed from HM Revenue and Customs. Further information can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/claim-gift-aid

How to make a complaint regarding fundraising

Anyone wishing to make a complaint regarding fundraising in connection with Central England Law Centre Ltd should write to the Head of Legal Practice and Operations, Central England Law Centre Ltd, Oakwood House, St Patricks Road, Coventry, CV1 2HL, who will respond within 15 days.