October 2021 - The chief executive of Central England Law Centre, Sue Bent, will represent the "Social Justice Energy" of the city at Coventry Moves on Saturday 5 June, a city-wide celebration, and the first major moment of the year as UK City of Culture.

With a strong emphasis on the role of arts and culture for social change, the City of Culture programme is more than an events programme - it is seeking ways that creativity can play a role in addressing important issues within the city.

Reflecting this approach, Coventry Moves will be a playful and engaging introduction to Coventry, its stories, and its people, and will be an opportunity for every home in Coventry to be part of our year as UK City of Culture.

The day-long celebration will tell the story of Coventry’s pioneering identity and how it continues to shape its future and give voice to the many people that call the city their home. Six people have been selected to playing roles of the Energies of the city; they have been chosen to represent the personality of Coventry and introduce some of the themes that will be explored across Coventry’s year as City of Culture.

Sue Bent, CEO of Central England Law Centre (CELC) will be playing the Energy of Social Justice.

Sue said: “I am delighted that social justice will be profiled as part of the spirit of our city and I am honoured to have been asked to be involved. 

"Inequality is systemic. Central England Law Centre exists to give a voice to those who experience poverty and inequality as well as working for whole system change. We use the law to challenge and to disrupt. We hold ‘the system’ to account.

“Coventry has long had a reputation as a city of peace and reconciliation. Now we want to help grow our role as a caring city by challenging those amongst us (and the wider world) who don’t see injustice in their everyday experience – those who are comfortable, or who are simply unaware of the inequalities that exist within the systems which make up our society. Together we can build a fairer, more equal Coventry."

Other "energies" include "Sustainability", as represented by two-tone pioneer Pauline Black; "Resilience", represented by Paralympian Kare Adenegan; "Youthfulness", represented by poet and rapper John Bernard; "Innovation", represented by artist Daniel Lismore; and "People Power", as represented by singer-songwriter Navin Kundra.