Central England Law Centre (CELC), as part of the unique Coventry Women’s Partnership, has collaborated with the Women’s Budget Group to publish the digital report ‘Covid-19 – the impact on women in Coventry’ exploring the gendered impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on women in Coventry.

The report explores the key gendered impacts of the Covid-19 crisis on women in the UK, with a focus on the city of Coventry. It makes recommendations for a gender-sensitive approach to ‘building back better’ after the crisis. Covid-19 is a global public health crisis, which has already triggered an unparalleled socioeconomic crisis. Whilst we know the majority of serious cases, particularly those resulting in death are higher for men, the crisis has worsened many pre-existing inequalities for women.

The report looks at the impact on childcare, health and social care, employment and frontline services.

Authored by Dr Sara Reis and Anna Johnston of the Women's Budget Group, the report is available in full here or as a summary, here. 


The Women’s Budget Group (WBG) is an independent network of leading academic researchers, policy experts and campaigners.

Coventry Women's Partnership Coventry Women’s Partnership is a unique 3-year project created by five organisations in Coventry to ensure women in the city feel supported, empowered and believed. The partnership aims to break down barriers in access to crucial services, and to make support easier and comprises Central England Law Centre, FWT – A Centre for Women, Coventry Haven Women’s Aid, CRASAC and Kairos WWT.