The UK Home Office is replacing the following physical immigration documents with eVisas: 

  • biometric residence permits (BRPs) 

  • biometric residence cards (BRCs) 

  • passport stamps, such as indefinite leave to enter wet ink stamps 

  • vignette stickers in passports, such as entry clearance or visa vignettes 

Any person that currently uses one of these documents to access and prove their immigration status is required to apply for an eVisa by 31 December 2024. 

If a person has not applied for an eVisa by 31 December 2024, they will no longer have proof of their immigration status and may struggle to get certain rights, such as:

Access to benefits
Access to housing
Access to bank accounts
Access to education
For information about how to apply for an eVisa:

Citizen's Advice have provided further information about who is affected and how.

Visit Citizen's Advice

If you work for an organisation that supports people who are likely to be affected by these changes you can download our poster to help make people aware.