The government announced on 23 March that where possible everyone should work from home. The government has said that you should only go into work if your work ‘absolutely cannot be done from home’. 

There are some types of work that cannot be done from home for instance if you work in a supermarket or you are a delivery driver for essential services. If you are a ‘key worker’, you may be required to continue going into work or you may still be able to work from home if your role allows you to do so. The government has advised everyone who can work from home to do so. You should discuss with your employer whether your role means that you must continue going into work. If you cannot work from home and your workplace is not shut, then you should continue going into work.

It is important that you discuss any concerns you have with your employer. If you are afraid of catching coronavirus, your employer may agree to let you take some leave, paid or unpaid, so that you do not have to come into work. For instance, your employer may be willing to agree for you to take annual leave, unpaid leave, unpaid parental leave, a sabbatical or other period of leave. You would need to check how long the leave could last and if the leave would be paid or unpaid. If you will not be paid during this period you may be able to claim benefits, please see our section on your rights to welfare benefits.