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Coventry Independent Advice Service, Coventry University

The Health Justice Partnership is an embedded community project which aims to address the complex legal needs, digital exclusion and the health and wellbeing of the citizens of Coventry and Nuneaton by reducing the health inequalities faced by those living within identified priority areas. A further aim of the project is to reduce the proportion of time health professionals spend on non-health issues, such as relationship breakdown, housing problems, and employment-related issues, thereby increasing capacity and reducing waiting times.  According to Citizen’s Advice Report: A very general practice, GPs in England spend almost a fifth of their time on social issues that are not principally about health. The implied cost to the health service of this time is almost £400 million a year. 

The Partnership, led by Central England Law Centre (CELC), includes Coventry Independent Advice Services and Coventry University.

Working with health professionals within the Primary Care Network, the project provides a pathway for health professionals to direct their patients for specialist, legal support in everyday legal matters that threaten their health and stability. The partnership will identify and tackle these matters offering quick, competent, and holistic responses via a combination of generalist and specialist advice.

These problems often have a solution that, with the right professional support, can be resolved. Getting someone the right benefits to live independently; writing a letter to navigate a difficult employer or getting legal representation to prevent eviction has the power to improve health and wellbeing. Co-locating at the surgeries holding face to face appointments and our holistic support will reduce the impact of digital exclusion. .