Advice for Families was Runner Up in The Lawyer magazine’s Ethical Initiative Awards 2013. Since 2015, we have supported over 600 of the most vulnerable families in Coventry with legal advice through this project. 

This pioneering service was piloted initially with funding from The Baring Foundation. It has demonstrated that specialist legal advice resolves problems for parents that would otherwise be barriers that threaten the stability of the home and good parenting.

Coventry City Council now provides funding for two dedicated advisers to work alongside staff in the children’s services team. Our advisors provide information and initial legal advice as well enabling immediate access to specialist advice from the teams at the Law Centre.

Initially the family is offered a home visit; at the core of the work we do with the families is our legal expertise. However, we adopt an approach that is not simply about using this to solve problems for the families, but which includes assistance in building their capacity to cope independently with the day to day management of some of their issues.

Coventry Law Centre Troubled Families Evaluation report

Advice for Families Impact report 2016-17