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Funded by Barrow Cadbury, Benefits Aware is an expert-led collaboration that is building a community of claimants and advisers who are informed and ready to cope with the ongoing changes being brought about by the Government’s Welfare Reform programme. We’re working in partnership with other organisations and using a website and social media to reach people.


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Welfare Reform has already meant significant changes to many people’s benefits claim, with more to come. Many claimants have not perhaps fully understood what was happening and found it difficult to cope with the changes – meaning in some cases decisions have been made about their benefits without the Department of Work and Pensions having the full information about their situation; or their benefits stopped because they didn’t understand what was needed from them to keep their claim active.

We’re connecting staff working for social landlords, organisations supporting vulnerable groups, generalist advisers and claimants - to share what is happening as it happens. Our goal is to reduce the number of people struggling to manage the new requirements and/or who have missed out on some potential benefits, making it hard for them to cope financially.

In the first year:

  • 350 people on the ground in Birmingham have engaged with the impact of Welfare Reform as part of the project through training, meetings and briefings; and
  • 230,415 users have accessed our online content and nearly 7,000 people have actively engaged with our social media content.

We’re seeking partner organisations who’d like to work with us to spread the initiative. We’re working to build a large community of organisations who join together to make claimants more Benefits Aware.

We offer a paid-for monthly briefing, complemented by training and webinars to front line staff working for social landlords, local voluntary and community organisations, and the local authority to keep them up to date with changes - and to get their local knowledge about issues or problems happening ‘on the ground’ so we can share these with everyone.

These organisations, working direct with claimants, will in turn help us to reach them by actively assisting their customers and service users to follow us on social media.

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